Our Objectives

The National Museum’s Learning Centre works towards raising public awareness about the importance of Oman’s cultural heritage and encourage visitors to take an interest in Oman’s history.

It further aims to transform the way that schools and families consider and use museums and prompt a cultural shift in museum learning practice within the Sultanate.


The specific objectives of the Learning Centre are:

  • To support Omani curricula by building bridges between its different aspects and the learning activities designed around the Museum’s collection for different educational levels;
  • To deliver professional development tools for teachers, such as workshops and special training courses, which are designed for a range of subjects (e.g. History, Arts, Social Studies,);
  • To provide leadership to the Museum Industry in the Sultanate in learning aspects;
  • To work collaboratively with research institutions locally and internationally to support research based learning;
  • To provide informal learning activities for families based on different age groups, especially on weekends;
  • To develop appropriate programmes that encourage tourists to learn about Oman;
  • To offer a variety of online resources, courses, games and other learning tools on the Museum’s website based on the permanent displays and the Temporary Exhibitions programmes;
  • To measure the effectiveness of the learning programmes use provided by the Learning Centre through various evaluation methods.
  • Total Visitor: