Family Programmes

We offer weekly workshops for children visiting the Museum with their families on public holidays and weekends. Parents and their children are invited to take part in a range of museum-related activities and enjoy a shared creative experience. Please check our Calendar.

Interactive areas within permanent galleries

Family experience can be further enhanced by our interactive areas within the permanent galleries:

  • Discovery areas and touch screens: Discovery Areas are located in the Maritime History and Arms and Armour Galleries. There are also touch screens throughout the Museum offering further information on the objects and themes represented in the galleries. These touch screens are aimed primarily at providing an in-depth understanding of a given subject matter in an easy to understand and fun way (aimed at media-oriented youth, scholars, and frequent Museum visitors).
  • Hands-on exhibit: hands-on exhibits are situated in the Maritime History Gallery, Prehistory and Ancient History Galleries and Civilisation in the Making Gallery. All visitors are encouraged to physically interact with the objects in question, they are also designed with visually impaired visitors in mind and are accompanied by Arabic braille.
  • Interactive hall/stage area: this is located in the Intangible Heritage Gallery and is aimed at offering an interactive space where musicians, storytellers, and poets can meet and interact with visitors.
  • A study area in the Collections Gallery: This space has a 6-computer terminal station and can be used by visitors to access our website, collections database, curatorial research papers, and share the same information via internet with family and friends.
  • AV Theatre: located within the Arms and Armour Gallery.


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